Letter to the Editor: Rep. Gallagher: Let Them (Us) Eat Cake

On Dec. 28, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R) gave what might be his final Christmas present to his constituents in Wisconsin Congressional District 8: He voted “nay” on the Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help (CASH) Act (HR 9051). This measure would provide $2,000 of COVID-19 economic relief to each eligible adult in his district. Gallagher apparently favors a $600 relief check.

Just before he voted in December, the Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Firefighters Association packaged 266 Christmas Eve dinners for Northern Door County families in need, including 26 dinners that went to Washington Island. Gallagher apparently believes “the problem” has been solved, and additional assistance is unneeded.

At least he’s consistent. In May, he voted “nay” on what is commonly referred to as the Heroes Act (HR 6058), which would have provided – at that time – much-needed COVID-19 relief resources to local governments, health care providers and families.

Can we honestly say that this man “represents” the best interests of Door County and northeastern Wisconsin? If you voted for him in November 2020, are you still glad you did? 

Remember the voices of those who claimed COVID-19 would disappear after Nov. 6? Guess what: It did not. The crisis is still with us. It will take months for the vaccine to have a deep-seated impact on both our lives and the economy. I hope you can stretch the $600 Mr. Gallagher thinks you need to make it through.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin