Letter to the Editor: Rep. Gallagher Votes Against Democracy

I believe it is very important that residents of Wisconsin Congressional District #8 (many of whom are readers of this newspaper) know that our Republican Congressman, Mike Gallagher, who claims to have the interests of his constituents and the nation at heart, doesn’t actually act as if he did.

Mr. Gallagher recently voted against HR1, a bill that would reform campaign financing and reduce the role of non-local corporate and dark money in our elections, strengthen government ethics guidelines, and increase voter participation. The bill would also constrain partisan gerrymandering and in general go along way toward improving and strengthening our beleaguered American Democracy. Apparently that is too much of a reach for our Republican Congressman. Smells like Party over Country.

Mr. Gallagher must like the way large and frequently non-local or foreign donors influence our elections. He must agree that the way current voting requirements make it difficult for all to get to the polls is acceptable and should be preserved. I guess he approves of the way uncompetitive voting district maps are drawn too. Smells like Party over both Democracy and Country.

I encourage all to Google HR1 and read for yourself what it was that your Representative voted against. I don’t see any highway signs promoting his vote so we need to do the digging ourselves. Mr. Gallagher has claimed that he is in favor of term limits. In his case I totally agree. I say, let’s give that a try, right here in District #8.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wis.