Letter to the Editor: Reps Are Hard-Working – at What?

The first mass shooting in America occurred in downtown Philadelphia on Sept. 6, 1949. During the 70 years since, approximately 712 Americans have died in mass shootings. 

When New Zealand experienced its first mass shooting in 2019, 51 people were killed. In less than one week, all military-style semi automatics were banned, and a $200 million buy-back program was put into legislation. 

What a contrast! The New Zealand government addressed the assault-rifle issue and took remedial action in a handful of days, while the American government has done nothing to stop the blood from flowing in our streets, churches and classrooms for 70 years. This equates to more than three generations of Americans killed. 

In his November 2018 manifesto, Rep. Mike Gallagher describes his fellow congressional members as “smart,” “patriotic” and “hard-working.” 

Smart? Not when 87 percent of Americans do not like the direction America is going or the way Congress is running our country. About the same percentage of Americans want more stringent gun laws. These are two highly vital issues, yet our DC “hard-working” “patriots” don’t seem to have the smarts to solve them. 

Hard-working – at what? Disassembling the Affordable Care Act and fighting hard for the NRA?

Our Republican congressional members might be academically keen, but they have amply demonstrated that they have no will to solve or fix the multitude of complex issues facing our nation.

Ed Hodges

Appleton, Wisconsin