Letter to the Editor: Republican Headquarters Open for Business

Our Republican Headquarters is now open at 43 S. Madison Ave., Sturgeon Bay, which is a short two blocks south of the Steel Bridge. We’re in the former Sonny’s Pizza building. Look for all the red lights and our elephant proudly standing in the window. Come talk to us about our candidates, the issues and how those who we choose in the upcoming election will impact our lives.

We’re open for more than business. We’re open to listen and learn what our candidates can do to gain your trust and hopefully your vote. The vestibule door will be open 24/7, if you need any Republican yard signs. We have reordered signs for Pat McCarty, Leah Vukmir and Andre Jacque after the county fair. We expect to have 4’X8s ready to go up before the Labor Day weekend. Our hours of operation will be posted on the door.

We salute Kevin Nicholson, for his pledge to support Leah, and salute Andre Jacque’s challengers for their pledge to now get behind Andre going forward. Andre’s commitment all along, has been to position himself in the legislature in order to cut wasteful spending, and eliminate regulations that stifle our economy. His commitment to veterans comes from his Vietnam veteran father (James Jacque) and his commitment to sustainable agriculture comes from his parents who both grew up on a dairy farm. His code of ethics, driven by his deep faith in Christianity will help us all bring common sense into Madison, and God back into our schools, public squares, and state government.  

If you know of a good location for our 4’X8s, want to join our party, or volunteer at our headquarters, please email us at [email protected].


Richard Woldt

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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