Letter to the Editor: Republicans Have Our Best Interests in Mind

Every time there is an upcoming election, the Peninsula Pulse gets flooded with comments almost entirely by Democrats and liberals. They complain about the Republican candidates and continue to complain about President Trump while ignoring and not mentioning anything positive about President Biden.

All they bring up is the “insurrection,” but they ignore the hundreds of crimes, riots, looting and murders in most major cities.

They ignore the 40-year-high inflation, gas, grocery and soon high heating costs. They ignore the deficit spending, burdening our future generations.

They lie about the border being “secure” when we all can see 2 million illegals who entered our country since Biden became president.

They make a huge issue about Martha’s Vineyard but ignore the thousands of illegals transported all over our country!

I could go on and on, but all you have to do is stop listening to the negative, desperate messages from the Democrats because they have nothing positive to run on – just lies, division and negativity blaming “someone else”!

Before Biden, gas, taxes, crime, groceries, inflation and unemployment were at very low levels. The border was secured after decades of Congress doing nothing, and now drugs and criminals are flooding our country once again!

I could go on and on, but I am sure any sensible person can plainly see which party actually has our best interests in mind!

Henry Cross

Brussels, Wisconsin