Letter to the Editor: Republicans Missing in Action on Inflation Solutions

Rep. Joel Kitchens, in candidate profiles in local media, has falsely assigned blame for inflation to the Democratic administration. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

Economists (who don’t work for a political party) agree that our global inflationary period is not caused by government spending, but primarily by three things: the global pandemic, the ensuing supply-chain imbalance and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which sent the grain and fuel industries further into a tailspin. For Kitchens or any other politician to assign blame to any political party for inflation is another blatant attempt to mislead voters. 

If Republicans think inflation is our most pressing problem, why did every Republican lawmaker vote “no” on President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, and why did every Republican state legislator (including Kitchens and André Jacque) refuse the governor’s request to attend a special legislative session to discuss solutions to the problem?

Isn’t it time we elect truth tellers?

Jodi Parins

Algoma, Wisconsin