Letter to the Editor: Resident Response

I already had thoughts forming about the tensions among residents and tourists, both historical and current. My inclination was to actually be somewhat generous to tourists – who mostly are on good behavior, add vibrancy to our community and support many of our lifestyles – while also pointing out some of the reasons why residents lack appreciation for the attitude and behavior that other tourists bring with them.

Last week’s letters section illustrated the divide for me, and I can’t help but point it out. There really are two types of nonresidents, and I’ll leave it to you to guess which I prefer. To one, I say “Thank you” and “I can’t wait to see you soon” and “Welcome home.” Regarding the other, I think, “Take a look at this guy.”

I will say this: It surely is not un-American to ask people who don’t live here to be considerate of those of us who do, and to show it by sheltering in place, which, incidentally, is recommended by the CDC. 

Of course, as a community, we are doing our best to distance, quarantine, and wear masks and gloves, along with other precautions. But the measures we are taking to protect ourselves have nothing to do with asking nonresidents to respect this place by sheltering in place – at their place.

Coming from a town that hosts Northwest Memorial Hospital (with nearly 500 beds) and suggesting that our hospital has insufficient facilities anyway is kind of like taking a dollar from a bum. After all, either way he’s still poor.

Scotty Watts

Fish Creek, Wisconsin