Letter to the Editor: Response to Gun Violence

Gun control or gun violence is decided at birth. By:

  • Parents who accept responsibility and all that it entails:  time, love, teaching, and setting examples.
  • Parents who do not go off and do their own thing relying on electronics to amuse their children.
  • Parents who take their children out in public as in restaurants and teach them to act accordingly – how to function in society by learning conversation and politeness – not acting loudly or ignoring company with earphones and a screen.
  • Parents who know what their children do and who their friends are.
  • Parents who give a helping hand in school work so the child does not fall behind and become frustrated.
  • Parents who teach empathy and kindness to the fellow man. Not bullying but consideration to others.

Guns will always be part of this society. We must learn to live with and control the users.


Marianne Diekman

Ephraim, Wis.

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