Letter to the Editor: Restore Funding for State Parks

Dear residents of Door County, as you go to the polls this November, please take time to reflect on which candidates for our state offices will be strong advocates for supporting the maintenance and capital costs of Wisconsin state parks, including funds for the state parks in Door County.

Unbeknownst to many, Wisconsin state parks have been self funded since 2015, when our state legislature cut all general-purpose revenue (GPR) for our state parks from the Wisconsin state budgets. This has put an undue burden on parks, and in my opinion, it is starting to show. 

There are many capital projects that have been neglected over the years. This is in addition to the yearly maintenance needs that need attention. Although there has been some irregular, minuscule infusion of state monies, it is time to have our legislators restore regular GPR revenue for the state parks to the budget.

Let us not forget that the beautiful parks draw people from all parts of the U.S. and, yes, even the world, which brings many dollars to the Door County economy. 

James Hickey 

McFarland, Wisconsin