Letter to the Editor: Review Rules of the Road for Safety for All

A tourist commented to me the other day, “No wonder Door County is so crowded; everyone wants to come here because it is like a city.” That is great news for businesses, but there is a negative side: infrastructure and carrying capacity. 

Door County was not built to accommodate the growing influx of people. Seems that those people aren’t aware of their surroundings either. The construction industry is booming. That means huge, heavy equipment and trucks are traveling the roads of Door County, along with cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Might be time to review the rules of the road before someone is seriously hurt.

Heavy equipment trucks cannot “stop on a dime,” especially when carrying a load. Contrary to popular opinion, it is unwise to dart across the highway in order to beat the truck barreling down the road. Whether you are on a bicycle or walking, it might be best to wait for that truck to pass, rather than losing your life or causing a pileup where others are affected.

When crossing streets in our beautiful towns, there are a few things people can do to promote a safe environment. If you are only a few feet from a crosswalk, don’t cross the street. Use the crosswalk. A few more steps to a safe crossing is hardly a big loss of time. It might save your life or others’ lives.

When did parents stop teaching children to stop, look both ways and cross when no cars or trucks are coming? I know of way too many incidents where the children just darted out between cars to cross the street. They are lucky to be alive. Parents also need to hold the hand of younger children as they cross the street; it’s not wise to let the children go ahead, even when in a crosswalk. 

It’s sad that it’s necessary to remind people of these simple safety rules. Wake up to your surroundings. The life you may save could be your own child’s.

Lynn Herman

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin