Letter to the Editor: Revolution

There may be many people in this country who have little or no concern about tariffs.

Not true with our ancestors. They knew what tariffs were and they hated them.

The Boston Tea Party sparked the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was singularly a revolt against a tariff on tea. That little hated tax was the catalyst for the America we know today.

Do you think that the leaders of Great Britain, who imposed that tariff,  every foresaw such a consequence, ultimately the near collapse of the British Empire?

Who knows where the trade war now being initiated through the application of tariffs will lead or where it will end. But somebody, somewhere in this world may get very upset and may vent their frustration, perhaps in a manner that the king never thought of (if he ever gave any thought to the consequences of anything).


Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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