Letter to the Editor: ‘Riot’ Gear

Regarding the Door County Board of Supervisors’ vote to accept the donation for helmets and shields, I have some thoughts.

Yay for the acceptance. And bravo and thumbs up to Richard Virlee for his enlightened take on the overall situation. 

This cherished view that most of us hold of living in some kind of throwback paradise of goodness and kindness (to which I also subscribe, with gratitude) could be shattered in a snap, given the speed with which the events of the world now move. The ability of outside agitators and troublemakers to travel in order to ferment unrest is documented. We cannot just lull ourselves with, “It wouldn’t happen here.” Hopefully it won’t. But it could. And we owe it to the men and women of our community who sign up to protect us, to protect them.  

Regarding Supervisor [Bob] Bultman’s comment about not supporting Door County’s response to aid requests from neighboring communities –– is there actually a choice? And what is the expected quid pro quo? And at what point do we draw a line at being neighboring, small-town, rural communities? 

And a thumbs down to my own local supervisor (I’m a resident of Egg Harbor township), who apparently did not deign to respond when I wrote to him about this issue. Perhaps there’s a valid reason – my letter sent to his listed address never arrived? – but … 

Raeona Jordan

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin