Letter to the Editor: Routine Democratic Letter Writers Bully and Preach

Regular readers of the Pulse have likely noticed that there are Democrats, some of whom are members of the Democratic Party of Door County, who routinely write to this publication. They frequently insult and accuse all Republicans (not to be confused with elected officials) of the most sinister activities. These usual suspects offend 50% of Americans regularly. 

In a county that relies on tourism for a large percentage of its revenue, it seems irrational for anyone who cares about their community to have such public discourse. This publication is free in many stores, small diners, lodging establishments and municipal tourism centers in Door County.

Which leads me to my point: These people have an agenda, and everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt. They are not trying to persuade you – they bully and preach to you.

Although I’m not an advocate of censorship, when allowing these same people to consistently use this platform to agitate, this publication is also part of the problem.

Dawn McGinnis

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin