Letter to the Editor: ‘Sad Comment about the Prevailing National Culture’

We recently received a circular offering “grub control” to kill beetle larvae in soil. Poisons used for this have the following ingredients: cyzmic-cs, lambda-cyhalothrin, Imidacloprid and trichlorfon. All are toxic, especially to aquatic life, and all may be absorbed through the skin. 

Such poisons don’t stop with “target” creatures but kill widely, laying waste to the nature in soil. Insect larvae are a major food source for birds and other life forms of the food web. 

The value system favoring the spread of such poisons, peddled as they are with happy-faced ads, is disgusting. And for what? A uniform lawn as visually sterile as a sheet of plastic. What a sad comment about the prevailing national culture.  

Bill Willers and Barbara Nash

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin