Letter to the Editor: Save Eagle Tower

On Sept. 14, 2015, concerned citizens packed the Old Town Hall in Fish Creek. Three members of the DNR were present.

In the past few months we have not seen any progress. The citizens present asked that another engineering firm assess the repair needs for Eagle Tower. We were assured by the DNR that they had people on their staff that could do that.

Peninsula State Park brings in more revenue than any other park in the state. The golf course alone pulls in more than $200,000 a year. Annual proceeds are not kept in Door County. We support all of the other state parks in Wisconsin. This does not seem logical. Why demolish the crown jewel of the most popular park in Wisconsin? The DNR uses the excuse of some new “master plan” policy that will be unveiled in December. It is my understanding that this has been ready to be unveiled for the past 10 years. We want Eagle Tower removed from the DNR Master Plan.

Out of frustration I called Senator Lasee’s office in Madison. After speaking to Adam, Senator Lasee’s aide, I was able to piece together some new information.

  1. Two tests are going to be conducted: radiographic and ultrasound. This will give a better indication of the condition of the beams in question. Edge Consulting Engineers did the initial evaluation. A bid for the repairs can be made after these evaluations. A Brown County historical engineer has also offered to examine the data.
  2. There is an agreement between the State Historical Society and the DNR. The tower cannot be removed without the Historical Society signing off on the project.
  3. Senator Lasee met with Governor Walker and presented a 4” stack of emails and letters about how important we all feel Eagle Tower is to Door County, the state and the country. Senator Lasee would like Eagle Tower reopened by Memorial Day, 2016. The DNR is not cooperating; pressure will be applied.

What can you do to help?

Please consider signing the SAVE EAGLE TOWER petition by going to Click on the picture of Eagle Tower and sign the petition. As of Nov. 10, 2015, we have 356 signatures. The intent is to deliver these signatures and comments to the DNR and our state representatives. We need keep up the pressure!

Letters and calls to our state representatives: Adam Gibbs, Chief of Staff for Senator Frank Lasee, 1st Senate District, 608.266.3512, [email protected]; Tom Nimsgern, [email protected]; State Senator Cowles, [email protected].

Kathie Vavra, vice president, Door Property Owners

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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