Letter to the Editor: Save Our Democracy

On June 28, 55 concerned Door County citizens marched for democracy in Sturgeon Bay when Indivisible Door County organized the rally and asked folks to read “farewell to democracy” letters. Here are some of their comments:

Republicans have strengthened their hand in elections not by adjusting their message to win more votes or by becoming more diverse, but by gaming the system by cheating – trying to suppress the vote with state legislative efforts to force partisan gerrymandering of our voting districts, reduce voting hours, reduce drop-box opportunities, deny same-day registration, or in Georgia, deny food and water to voters who wait in line for up to 12 hours! 

This is a coordinated, nationwide, Republican effort. More than 380 bills have been introduced by Republicans in 48 states; 12 voter-suppression bills were introduced in Wisconsin. Fortunately for our state, our Democratic governor has refused to sign these bills into law. However, both of our elected representatives – Sen. Jacque and Rep. Kitchens – voted in favor of these suppressive bills. We must remember this fact when they come up for election!

Democracy dies in darkness! One-party rule is not democracy. Our votes are our voices. Votes and voices are essential for democracy to work. Every voter must be given the fair opportunity to vote. All voters – Republicans, Democrats, independents – must be listened to and counted. 

To ensure protection of our vote, we need federal protections and laws to secure our voting rights by disallowing any state legislature to take away our nationally protected right to vote, given to us by our federal constitution. We are calling for our elected representatives at the national level to support the For the People Act – S.1. Although Rep. Gallagher (R) and Sen. Johnson (R) have already voted against this act or even discussing the act, we urge them to change their minds. You can win elections without cheating if your message is positive and you stop talking nonsense and lies.  

Look forward, not backward. Save our democracy for our children and grandchildren!

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin