Letter to the Editor: ‘Saving Babies’ Won’t Get You to Heaven

OK, it’s time to grow up. There is no big white guy “somewhere out there” that we can’t see, ready to deny us heaven for our shortcomings. No doubt there is likely a creator who is a master scientist: biologist, botanist, chemist, physicist, etc., etc., but no one master to “please” or “displease.” 

So stop voting like that will get you into heaven!

“Saving babies” from abortion forces females to carry pregnancies often fathered by monsters. And allowing the mentally ill (paranoid) to sleep with their guns has not been proven to benefit society.

So stop it! Just stop it!

Stop trying to run the lives of those with a more mature view of life.

Unless you have been judged by others with credentials to be the smartest person in the room, you are not qualified!

Thank you.

Diane Evenson 

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin