Letter to the Editor: School Board Candidate Echoing Trump?

Brett Reetz is running for Gibraltar school board. His slogan is “Return to Excellence.” Sounding an awful lot like Make America Great Again, it is an interesting dog whistle that should raise questions in voters’ minds. Among those is Brett’s attitude toward qualifications of the teaching staff.

One should question how Mr. Reetz would address the teacher shortage. Would he advocate for continuing the disastrous policies of Scott Walker which drove so many qualified teaching professionals out of the schools, or would he openly advocate for the legislature to increase its support for both educational programs and the professionals who deliver them?

One should question Mr. Reetz’s commitment to hiring state certified educational professionals; in the classroom who understand the human growth and development and possess the techniques to deliver subject matter in the most effective manner. Or, would he back a reduction in the Department of Education requirements allowing non-certified, non-teachers in the classroom? One should question whether Mr. Reetz feels the same standards that apply to his legal profession apply to the education professionals. Is he a stalking horse for the policies of Betsy Devos that gut public education in favor of charter, private, and religious schools?

Why did he chose his slogan “Return to Excellence”? What evidence does Mr. Reetz have to suggest Gibraltar has not been on a course of excellence in student performance? His slogan, like MAGA, is designed to provoke uncertainty and fear that something is wrong with Gibraltar’s goals and performance. What evidence suggests the district isn’t working to improve student outcomes with the greatest efficiency of time and resource?

One needs to question if Brett Reetz has the mindset to continue or advance the best interests of all stakeholders at Gibraltar School District.

William Hoehn, PhD
Fish Creek, Wis.