Letter to the Editor: Schuessler Lauds Wotachek’s Economic-Development Work

During my tenure as executive director for Door County Economic Development Corporation, I had an opportunity to work with a diverse group of elected officials. Many were selfless, mission-oriented and high-quality public servants. This is important because without good elected officials, it is impossible for economic-development corporations to achieve their mission. 

One of those quality public officials is Laura Vlies Wotachek, who currently serves the constituents of District 9 on the Door County Board of Supervisors.

When making a decision about whom to support for elected office, it is important to consider the action (or inaction) of incumbents to help enhance the quality of life for their constituents. This includes seeking opportunities to find new and creative ways to enhance the local economy.

Laura saw an opportunity to expand the markets of Door County businesses to growing markets in China, including the city of Jingdezhen. Although it is important that the sister-city program helps to increase cultural exchanges that can enhance better human understanding, from an economic-development perspective, the development of new markets for Door County businesses through the Collaborative Market Access Grant was visionary, and it offers great promise to help expand the world’s access to Door County-manufactured products.

This grant, which was provided through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, helps bring tax dollars back home to Door County from Madison to the benefit of local businesses and the employees who are part of those companies.

I encourage District 9 voters to support Laura in her bid for reelection. Her leadership is enhancing the local economy by helping take Door County products to the world.

Jim Schuessler 

Former Executive Director

Door County Economic Development Corporation