Letter to the Editor: Science Guides Mask Wearing

I read with interest the profound knowledge of Sharon Thill’s “Why I Don’t Wear a Mask [Feb. 5 issue].” Wow. I hope she has submitted her qualifications and research to HHS and suggested her nonexistent credentials as a replacement for Dr. Fauci.

Masks are worn in health care facilities and disaster zones all the time, as has been the practice for decades. They are not dirty. They prevent the transmission of airborne particles as much as possible, especially if worn properly over the nose and mouth.

Tell folks going into surgery, Doctor, that you have given up wearing a mask; they will be OK. Tell a patient with hepatitis that I, your nurse, no longer wear a mask because they are dirty things. Tell someone with tuberculosis that I, your respiratory therapist, no longer wear a mask because it is not going to keep either of us from death. Tell the staff at an autopsy that wearing a mask will not protect them from a known contagious infection because masks are part of social engineering.

The level of ignorance is astounding, say I, a nurse for the past 48 years.

No one is bullying you into anything. We are trying to get people to use science and scientific evidence instead of the “my right” theory of living.

Kathy Wagner

Sister Bay, Wisconsin