Letter to the Editor: Sending Great Appreciation to Scand

This began as a thank-you, but in time, it has become a love letter. 

I spent four weeks in February at Good Samaritan–Scandia Village recuperating from knee replacement and receiving physical therapy. As I hear about the incredible challenges facing facilities providing care, nursing and assisted living to Americans all over the country, I am so grateful that I live in Sister Bay. 

During my month as a resident of Scandia Village, I experienced patience, encouragement, professional care and kindness. As the days and nights went by, the smiles and friendly words continued in spite of double and triple shifts.

Thank you to the administration, maintenance staff, kitchen staff, housekeepers, CNAs and especially the nurses. I will always remember Edward, Lori, Jamie and Steve. I wish I could name everyone who helped me, and by naming a few, I run the risk of leaving out so many important people. Hopefully, they will know who they are and know that I love them all. Finally, I thank Stan, my physical therapist; and Dawn and Krista. 

I hope everyone in Door County realizes how fortunate we are to have this amazing facility and will continue to support the work they do for all of us and the people we love. With appreciation and affection, I will always remember you “with every step I take …”

Dianne Trenchard

Sister Bay, Wisconsin