Letter to the Editor: Separating Children from Parents

One rationalization often cited to justify the policy of separating immigrant children from parents is that if the parents never brought the children here in the first place they wouldn’t be separated. While logically true, this rationale is irrelevant, since the ones suffering most from this policy are not the ones that made the decision to come here. If your mindset is such that you think it is justified to inflict suffering on people that make bad decisions, that’s fine, but there is no moral, ethical, or legal justification for inflicting suffering on innocent people (defenseless children, no less!) that were not responsible for bad decisions made by other people. Supporting this policy may win your representatives some votes and even some elections, but what are you going to say to St. Peter when he asks you why you allowed this to happen?

Mark Polczynski

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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