Letter to the Editor: Shawn Fairchild Will Be Kind, Thoughtful, Wise Mayor

I have known Shawn for a few years – as a experienced craftsman, as an effective advocate for the public good, and as a friend. I understand the traits that will make a terrific mayor. He is a long-time community member who knows every corner of the city, has experienced decades of change, and has been an engaged citizen. He listens first, and he listens thoughtfully. When he then speaks, it is to connect the dots, to ensure information is understood by all, and to clarify options. That is the approach I look forward to in our Sturgeon Bay mayor.

In running for office, he has deepened his research and outreach – pursuing solutions to attainable housing with DCEDC, for example. Shawn is open-minded and level-headed. He seeks information from those with knowledge on a particular subject. He values the expertise, talent and passion we have abundantly in the community and he will make good use of it.

Shawn believes in a city that will be proactive in seeking opportunities and in creatively searching for solutions, and he will establish an environment where that happens. He stands firmly for transparency in government. His arms are wide open to interesting ideas and thoughtful perspectives.

I look forward to progress that benefits the whole community, for an exciting future in Sturgeon Bay! Please vote for Shawn Fairchild for Mayor, Tuesday April 2nd.

Nancy Aten

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.