Letter to the Editor: Shocked, Saddened by Large Trump/Pence Signs in Door County

I have been enjoying escapes from the multiple stressors in life to Door County for 25 years – until this last trip on Aug. 31.

First let me explain why Door County is such an amazing place for an escape. Everywhere you look, there are beautiful gardens and flower boxes. The businesses and residents don’t disappoint with their thoughtful details, and people are so friendly. It’s an escape to nature and beauty where every town does its part to make the peninsula such a wonderful destination. 

So, when I traveled there, I was so saddened by the obnoxiously large, intermittently spaced Trump/Pence signs along the drive. Those visuals made me feel threatened, as if I was being warned that I was now in “Trump Country.” I was hopeful that the signs would stop as I approached Gills Rock, only to be disappointed again. There’s a sign at the ferry launch, too!

Most of these signs were not on personal property, so who approved them? These are political signs, not special-event or festival signs. How could such a beautiful place allow this to happen?

Sadly, I will not be returning this fall. It has nothing to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with the ugly stains on what was always a peaceful and beautiful travel destination.

Janette Moore

Green Oaks, Illinois