Letter to the Editor: Skare-y Stuff

I am becoming increasingly concerned at how the Gibraltar Board Chairman, Dick Skare, an elected official is serving the residents of Gibraltar. Some of his recent actions worth noting are:  1. His vote banning food trucks from Fish Creek, where as a restaurant owner he has a direct conflict of interest and at the very least, should have recused himself from the vote; 2. His approving a liquor license at an establishment in Fish Creek where his son-in-law is part owner – apparently none of the other Board members were aware of this fact at the time of the vote; 3. His holding illegal meetings on matters without the requisite State mandated notification period; 4. The famous clear-cutting of property for a new parking lot without obtaining the requisite permits; and 5. His plans to hire a full-time Fire Chief.   

Regarding their plans to hire a permanent Fire Chief, I have made several attempts to ask for a needs-based and financial analysis which led him to the decision to pursue another, expensive town staff position.   The closest full-time position is in Sturgeon Bay, a city with a population of approximately 10,000. It is abundantly clear from his curt responses that he does not feel any analysis or explanation to the taxpayers is needed. He then published the article in the Spring Newsletter, trying to justify the position, the decision on this matter.  This is a horrible waste of taxpayer money and will not improve the effectiveness of the Fire Department in any way. His actions increasingly reflect those of a unethical, careless and indifferent despot rather than a pragmatic, consensus-building elected town official. This is Skare-y stuff and the residents of the Gibraltar should be concerned.


Paul Pillat

Ephraim, Wis.

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