Letter to the Editor: Small Farms

Does anyone ever care that we are losing our smaller farms?

Cheese factories shut down taking smaller farms’ milk because they can’t compete with the factory farms. Where is the fairness in that? The smaller farms are producing a better quality of milk than the big factory farms.

Have you traveled the countryside and seen the cows out in the pasture? How happy they seem, and a happy cow will produce a better quality milk.

The factory cow is stuck on a cement floor freestall barn and is never allowed to see a green pasture. Their life consists of visiting the milking parlor, go back to the free stall and then on to the slaughter house.

People have to speak up. Why should the government keep supporting these large factory farms and turn their backs on our small family farms?

Any answers?


Beatrice Jeanquart

Luxemburg, Wis.  

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