Letter to the Editor: Socialism: ‘Use Your Common Sense!’

Responding to a letter stating how socialism is terrific and that Democrats aren’t promoting socialism. Really? There are many socialists in the Democratic Party. Where they used to deny it, now they openly embrace it.

Now the Democratic Party has come out openly pursuing socialist policies that originally Democratic leaders tried to deny, claiming it wasn’t socialism. Then the squad gained influence going all-out socialist with the Green New Deal at a cost of $93 trillion! They want government control of everything, which socialism is: single-payer socialized medicine, eliminate ICE, open borders, free Medicare, free college, guaranteed income to anyone, government money, airplanes would be banned. 

Don’t think you’ll get all of these free things; that’s how they sneak their failed system into our prosperous system. Ask the millions of people in socialist countries how they like waiting in lines for food, clothing and health care. They do not praise the joys of socialism. 

Don’t be fooled. The stated goal of socialism is communism, which is why they must deceive you and now call it Democrat/Socialism. They gain acceptance by praising its “virtues” and indoctrinating our young.

Look at the intolerance of those proposing socialism. It would be forced government control of everyone but the leaders. Slowly you will lose your constitutional rights under the guise of “what’s good for all.” Sounds good, but it is anything but. 

The American system has brought prosperity and security to millions and created a strong middle class, but socialists need citizens dependent on the government to remain in power while claiming the unfairness of income inequality. Millions in the world want to be part of the American Dream, escaping the socialist traps they are in. Use your common sense!

Henry Cross

Forestville, Wisconsin