Letter to the Editor: Spiritual Or Religious?

Does organic appeal to you more than organizational?

Is worship, for you, an experience that’s personal beyond institutional?

Welcome to our inter-faith community!

Without a religious service or liturgy, we have no creeds, confessions, or collections…no pulpits or pews…no altar calls, prosperity preaching, damnation-orientation, celestial choirs, or big screen TVs.

Rather, we gather monthly to feed and seed life’s sacred journeys: by caring and sharing over communal meals at our homes; by discussing “theology on tap” at local eateries; by experiencing spiritual support through kindred spirits; and by uniting to improve lives in our community.

Whether you currently go to church (or not), if you’re in the Sturgeon Bay area and would like to get together once each month, the fourth Thursday evening, with other compassionate souls craving a different type of spiritual experience, please join us.

At Door County People of Faith, all are welcome, valued, and worthy.


Rev. Bruce H. Joffe

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.


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