Letter to the Editor: Steel Slats

Trump’s latest “beautiful wall” is to be built of “steel slats.” Think of that. As he demonstrated it on television it would consist of vertical steel columns, several inches apart. One of the purposes of this wall is supposed to be to stop drugs. So here is how the wall stops drugs. The cartels in Mexico have runners deliver the drugs to the steel slat wall. The cartel then has other runners arrive at the U.S. side of the wall. At the stroke of midnight the runners on the Mexican side of the wall pass the drugs through the slats to the runners on the American side of the wall. I suppose the steel slats stop truck loads, so only thousands of $5 million packets that will slip between the slats represents another Trump victory.

What about his original concrete wall, maybe Trump will go back to that. Has anyone told him that the the cartel can have its runners buy remote control drones and helicopters at almost any toy store or hobby shop. The wall Trump wants is to be nearly 2,000 miles long. Should the cartels elect to, they could flood the wall with a drone every half mile, nearly 4,000 of them. How is the wall going to do anything about that?

When the Soviet Union built the wall separating East Germany from West Germany, it wasn’t the wall that kept the East Germans on their side. It was mines, machine guns and murder.

Are mines, machine guns, anti-drone rockets and murder going to be part of Trump’s Wall?

I think that is terrible that Nancy Pelosi drew the line in the sand on this issue, but in all reality she had no choice. The whole concept of a wall is childish and primitive, and it would be a farce. It has to be stopped in its tracks.

Border security does not start at the border, it starts with the enforcement of prohibition of the employment of aliens who lack the proper documentation and permits. It starts with employers. Without jobs waiting for them there would be no immigration issue. The drug issue and terrorist issue are both much, much bigger issues than a wall.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.