Letter to the Editor: Support for Baldwin

I’m urging Wisconsinites to vote for Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senator on November 6th.

Tammy Baldwin keeps fighting for affordable health care and continued coverage of people with pre-existing conditions. In addition, she sponsored legislation, that is now law, called Jason’s Law. This law holds the Veteran’s Administration accountable for the medicines they prescribe for opioid addiction treatment.

Tammy is not afraid to sponsor bipartisan legislation. Tammy worked across party lines to get this bill passed. And she worked closely with Jason’s family.

I just saw some of Tammy’s new TV ads made with Jason’s parents and widow. They are very powerful when you see and hear Jason’s family’s support of Tammy Baldwin and how she worked with them to craft this law. Tammy’s compassion comes through in Jason’s family’s comments. They’re supporting her. I think we should too. Tammy is the best choice for Wisconsinites this November 6th.


Stefan Peters

Sister Bay, Wis.

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