Letter to the Editor: Support for Write-in Candidate for District 8 Seat

I don’t know whether you remember the former member of the House of Representatives from the 8th District, Reid Ribble. He vowed to remain in office as a citizen legislator for only eight years, or a fourth term. He served from 2011 to 2017. He was a moderate Republican and an approachable, involved representative of our district. In 2021, he stated he would have voted to impeach Donald Trump for his role in the United States Capitol attack.

Mike Gallagher began serving in 2017. He claimed to be a moderate member of the Republican Party. My husband and I watched as he joined the No Labels Group made up of both Democrats and Republicans and were encouraged. 

Today I received a flyer from Mr. Gallagher. He highlighted that he is against women’s right to choose, and he’s fighting for the unborn. (I wonder about his response if his wife suffered an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.) 

He’s fighting the “woke” left and “fighting for the Constitution.” He’s supported by what I believe are far-right conservatives such as Tom Cotton, Elise Stefanik, Jim Jordan, Scott Fitzgerald and Glenn Grothman. He rarely comes to Door County to hear from his constituents. On the day of the insurrection, Mike Gallagher was calling on the president to stop the violence, but after that, he didn’t support impeachment. 

I don’t understand how any of us can vote to have this nonrepresentative continue for District 8.

Did you know there is a write-in candidate from the Democratic Party? Her name is Julie Hancock. We need 7,000 votes to get her on the November ballot. Please check out her website at She’s a Green Bay native and an attorney and has expertise in U.S. history and the Constitution. 

We need a real advocate from our district in Wisconsin. We love our community, and so does Julie. Join me in writing in Julie Hancock, representative for the 8th district. Let’s vote! The future of our community, state and country depends on it!

Becky Van Houten

Fish Creek, Wisconsin