Letter to the Editor: Support Sturgeon Bay School District

I am writing this as an individual who at one time did not believe in voting for school referenda. As a matter of fact, I may have been somewhat outspoken about it. But that was B.K. (Before Kids). A long time ago, a very wise person once told me, “You can be ready for marriage, but you’re never ready for kids.” What I’m saying is that my point of view has changed…..dramatically. Kids will do that to you.

The experience that my two great kids (Matt & Jared) had coming up through the Sturgeon Bay School District was exceptional – not only academically, but also athletically and socially. In fact, their experience prepared them well enough to get them into the school of their choice, UW-Madison. It is a credit to the administration, the faculty and the staffs of all the schools they attended through their 12 years in the district. If I had continued to not vote for the referenda that came about during my kids’ time in the district, and others had not as well, perhaps their experience would not have been as rewarding…thankfully, we’ll never know.

Now that my kids have moved on, it is my plan to vote for the referendum on April 23. The way I look at it, there were people out there who, even though they didn’t have kids in the district, felt strongly enough about giving the kids of our community a quality education and voted in favor of the referenda that came before them. I believe I should “pay it forward” and give those kids coming up in the District the same opportunities that Matt and Jared had.

Dennis Van Bramer

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.