Letter to the Editor: Support the Clean Water Task Force’s Recommendations

Make one short phone call, or write one email to contact your Kewaunee County Board supervisor to ask him/her to vote for resolutions supporting the state’s Clean Water Task Force bills and recommendations. Our two state legislators sat on the task force.

The upcoming spring may again be messy, wet and late, and numerous liquid-manure runoffs and spills may occur as they have been for the past five months.

A resolution(s) may also be brought to the Kewaunee County Board to petition the DNR to change its administrative rules so more than the current six-month liquid-manure storage would be required, and also to halt herd expansions for recently renewed WPDES permits that were given without requiring an increase in liquid-manure storage capacity.

You can do your part to promote clean water and a clean environment for Kewaunee County.

Sue Weisser

Town of West Kewaunee, Wisconsin