Letter to the Editor: Supporting Dave Ward

This letter is written in support of Mr. Dave Ward for the position of Mayor of the City of Sturgeon Bay. As a former Mayor of the City of Sturgeon Bay, I have knowledge of the requirements of the office, and Mr. Ward greatly exceeds all of those requirements.

If there is any doubt please obtain a copy of his campaign information. You will note in that information that he is a longtime resident of the City of Sturgeon Bay, a family man, has a doctoral degree in finance, was a finance professor and administrator at the University of Wisconsin. He is presently alderman for the 3rd District of the City.

Mr. Ward can bring to the City many benefits that only having knowledge of the operations of the state government can accomplish. Dave Ward has that knowledge. It is with this in mind that I ask you to vote and make Mr. David Ward our next Mayor. I thank Mr. Ward for his past service and look forward to his continued service to our community.

Daniel J. Nielson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.