Letter to the Editor: Supporting Wotachek for District 9 Supervisor

Laura Wotachek is a hardworking, passionate and honest mother, wife and student, which also makes her a great representative as Door County’s District 9 supervisor. 

I have known Laura for more than 10 years. We were introduced at Mary’s School of Dance, and I soon became the childcare provider to her two girls. Not to mention, she has played a huge role in my life. 

Laura knows how to multitask and prioritize, one of the many skills I adopted from her. Every time I visited her, she would inform me about her work with the county and the new ideas she wanted to implement. Laura is always so passionate about work and her projects, which were always successful. On top of all that, she was always passionate to further her education by taking classes and using her knowledge to start programs such as Fairest of the Fair and the Youth Apprenticeship Program. 

An example of Laura’s exemplary characteristics is her kind heart. She donated a large portion to my church mission trip to Tijuana back in 2015. Prior to that and now, Laura has always assisted me with things I needed help with. She and her positive attitude gave me hope for my future and the future of the community. She was a great example of a moral person to inspire me during my teen years. 

As a resident in District 9, I truly believe she should keep her position. Because Laura is in the middle of several projects and is working to upgrade existing ones, I would hate to see her lose this progress. Knowing how hardworking, devoted and passionate Laura is about her friends, family, career and bettering the community, I know that she needs more time as District 9’s supervisor. She has my vote!

Alysha Nelson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin