Letter to the Editor: Supportive of Peaceful Protests

I love reading the Pulse, and the Overheard column puts a smile on my face when I read it. We need more of this during these tense times.

What I don’t think was appropriate or fair appeared in a recent Shout-Out column: “Shout-out to all the Black Lives Matter protesters who are showing their solidarity for this national movement.”

I don’t support the way some young people around the country have been acting, and I think most people don’t. I support all peaceful protests; I support all Black lives, including the ones whose businesses were burned down during the protests. I support the Black police officers killed in the line of duty and the Black children caught in the crossfire in Chicago who aren’t talked about. 

In Door County the protests have been peaceful. But these are not all peaceful protests around the country. Period. 

Lynn Kopidlansky

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin