Letter to the Editor: ‘Take a look in the mirror, Ms. O.’

Signe Onsrud appears to be sadly oblivious to the contradictions in her recent letter. She expresses opposition to abortion, which is her personal right, and two exclamation point-filled (!) paragraphs later, writes: ‘…I desire more individual freedom to make choices according to my Christian faith…’ Individual freedom IS what abortion is about. A woman, any woman, should have control over body to make the decision whether she is ready/able to bear and care for a new life. For all kinds of reasons, many women decide they are not. That is their freedom. It is NOT the call to be made by any person other than the pregnant woman.

Ms. Onsrud’s letter also exhorts us to ‘respect the office of the presidency’ – an office currently occupied by an acknowledged sexual criminal – (grabbing women in the manner he braggingly acknowledges is a criminal act), who fails to show respect for the ideals and traditions of our democracy, who hurls derogatory insults with impunity at leaders of other nations as well as his fellow citizens. An occupant who lies – (about matters important, trivial and in-between) – more often than he utters the truth. An occupant who unceasingly attempts to subvert the powers of Congress and judiciary. Ms. Onsrud cites her Christian faith. Where, I must ask, has her faith taught her that any of those behaviors (sexual abuse, lying, bullying, cheating, profound disrespect) are to be accepted? Let alone rewarded. What values did she (or any Trump supporter) learn growing up that make any of this acceptable?

Take a look in the mirror, Ms. O., every morning and say to yourself: “I am very proud to support and defend a P-grabber. This is an important part of my ‘Christian faith.’”

What do you see looking back?

Raeona Jordan

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin