Letter to the Editor: Tammy Baldwin Takes Stand for Good Health Insurance Choices

Republican claims that their solution for curbing rising health insurance costs will save money enabling more people to purchase policies is probably true, but buyer beware! Those policies are the same kind of “junk” that left many who thought they were insured with uncovered medical bills. Many with pre-existing conditions could not find insurance they could afford. It’s not an innovative approach.

Again, insurance companies will determine what medical treatments a person will receive rather than leaving those decisions up to patient and doctor. It will place caps on the amounts paid on ongoing treatments. The freedom to leave a job or the fear of losing one that provides group coverage will again be a worry. These are the very deficiencies the Affordable Care Act was meant to eliminate.

Tammy Baldwin strongly opposes legislation that would allow “junk” policies to become the norm again. Sen. Baldwin is a strong advocate for strengthening the provisions of the ACA because she is far sighted. She understands it is good for all of America to have a healthy population.  It’s not only how we stay productive and competitive, providing everyone access to the protection of good health insurance is the right and moral thing to do.


Pat Glen

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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