Letter to the Editor: Thank Goodness for Elections

Did northeast Wisconsin voters really elect Mike Gallagher for his vote to shut down the federal government, and to keep crooked George Santos in office? Was he elected to vote against funding Wisconsin infrastructure improvements, to write lengthy articles on China, and investigate President Biden without producing any shred of evidence?

Or, was he elected to lessen tax inequities, improve Wisconsin’s infrastructure, reduce the negative effects of climate change, protect reproductive rights of women in his district, and reduce gun violence? If he shifted his focus to his constituent’s expressed needs, it would probably improve voter’s belief that Congress really can work to serve the needs of the American people?

The values held by many northeast Wisconsin residents are, to my mind, not reflected in the votes cast by our elected representative in Wisconsin Congressional District 8. 

Thank goodness we can elect new representatives every two years.

Mike Eischen

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin