Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Egg Harbor Firefighters

This letter is a thank-you to the Egg Harbor firefighters who have recently left the department. We’re sorry for the way you’ve been treated after you’ve done so much for others. You’ve been with the department for decades. You’ve trained for all types of situations and shown up in all types of weather. You’ve been called from work, dinner, shows, family gatherings and many hours of sleep. 

We want you to know that your service to our community hasn’t gone unnoticed. We appreciate all that you’ve given. It takes self-sacrifice and countless hours of training to be at the level of experience that you have, and it will certainly be missed in our community. 

We know many of you have built your lives around this service: It is who you are. Your selfless character has been revealed over and over again as you race to show compassion to others in need. We also thank your families, who, alongside you, have served and supported this great work. May God bless you all and keep you safe in your continued works of service!

Robert and Julie Kiehnau

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin