Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Voters, Welcome to New Board Members

Now that the election dust has settled and the annual meeting is behind us, I would like to thank the electors in the Town of Gibraltar for coming out and voting on April 4. I thank the 437 voters for reelecting me as your town chair. I so enjoyed the three weekends I spent getting out and talking to many of you. That is the best part of campaigning. I wish I could have made it to everyone, and if I missed you, I’m sorry. 

To the 225 who didn’t vote for me, I will continue to work to gain your trust and respect. Though I can never please everyone on every issue, I can tell you that I care deeply about our town and the challenges it faces every day, and I don’t take decisions lightly. There are many sleepless nights, I assure you. 

Good decisions come from good discussions, and I will continue to invite those discussions, both at meetings and in private. It is clear to me that many feel operational changes have hindered board discussions, and I am hopeful that will get better. I also have no intention of shortening meetings by reducing committee reports and public comment. The board works for you, and you deserve productive and informative meetings, as well as meetings you look forward to being a part of.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, as I understand that many times the majority doesn’t want to come to meetings and be in the public eye. As I have always tried to do, I will make the best decisions I can on your behalf and continue to make us proud of the town we call Gibraltar! 

Also, I wish to thank Brian Merkel and Karl Stubenvoll for their many hours of service on the board, as well as welcome Tom Birmingham and Vinni Chomeau to the board. 

Steve Sohns 
Chair, Town of Gibraltar
Gibraltar, Wisconsin