Letter to the Editor: The Best We Can Hope For


Throughout Obama’s presidency his haters have been preoccupied with finding ways to criticize his performance. Unfortunately many of these critics are elected officials who rather than work toward solving the nation’s problems have concentrated entirely on planting in the minds of a gullible (witness Trump’s following) electorate the idea that Obama’s actions or inactions are the cause of all the nation’s problems.

During his first years in office they blamed him for a poor economy even though it was in freefall when he was elected. As the economy improves they shift to other issues and when all else fails they drag out Benghazi and imply that somehow Obama’s Secretary of State allowed that event to happen. Their latest plum is ISIS with many GOP notables including presidential want-to-be’s claiming he isn’t doing enough but never state what they mean by enough. Given that the U.S. is using air power to assist native troops on the ground and doing everything except using our own ground forces the critics must mean, but are afraid to say, that we should send in massive numbers of GIs. This Obama refuses to do and for good reason. It would mean that we become permanent peacekeepers in a part of the world where a combination of sectarian and civil governance make real peace almost impossible. Obama’s approach of enlisting other – especially Middle Eastern – nations in an effort to weaken and make ineffective ISIS and other terrorist groups is the best we can hope for.


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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