Letter to the Editor: The Choice Is Clear

There are two different groups of people that Trump needs to vote for him to win this election. The easiest to understand are those people who recognize that Trump is a bigot and a white supremacist and support him because of that.

The voters who are harder to figure out are those I hear quoted as saying something similar to, “I can tell that Trump really cares about farmers, or factory workers, or unemployed people.” 

If there is one thing that Trump has made apparent to anyone paying attention is that he’s a narcissist. Trump cares only about himself, and the last people he would care about are those who have to get their hands dirty in their work.

Reelecting Trump would guarantee four more years of bigotry, lying, corruption and hate speech spewing out of the White House. Voters have the choice between Trump – a man who lacks even a shred of human

decency – and Biden, a man who has exhibited high morals throughout his entire time in office.

Joe Biden grew up in a middle-class family; he understands and has empathy for people whose livelihood requires physical labor and getting their hands dirty. A vote for Biden is a vote for working Americans, not just the super rich.

Charles Frisk

Green Bay, Wisconsin