Letter to the Editor: The Choice

Letter to the Editor:

The Choice

Since the 2008 election, American voters haven’t been choosing “business as usual.” We are fed up, sick of the status quo of the state and its never-ending hunger for more power and control.

Obama in 2008 and 2012 provided that choice. He was a community organizer and a young, inexperienced senator who campaigned on a platform of hope and change. I think Americans were desperate for this message after eight years of homeland terror, financial turmoil and foreign disputes.

After Obama’s first term, and in my opinion not fulfilling his promises, I believe many voters deviated from him but could not vote for Republican Mitt Romney and were disaffected enough to become independent, third-party or nonvoters.

In 2016, Trump for many voters seemed to provide that choice. He was a rich businessperson and a blunt, transparent, red-blooded American with a platform of “Make America Great Again.” Americans were desperate after eight years of eroded individual liberties, soaring poverty in small communities and the amplified, continuing foreign entanglements.

Now, after seeing how Trump’s policies have led to further erosion of liberty and justice for all, perpetual deficit spending, continuing foreign disputes and an authoritarian approach to everything, many are looking for another way.

This year, the Libertarian Party offers that choice. Dr. Jo Jorgensen – a business and leadership psychologist, is intelligent, educated and rational. Her platform – “All Your Freedoms, All the Time” – aligns strongly with the core Libertarian principles of a smaller government held accountable for and by the people.

She stands with all people and communities, meeting with members of many of America’s most vulnerable communities to work toward better solutions together. We are desperate as a nation for all our voices to be represented and for all of us to live our best possible lives, free of oppression and arbitrary control. We are desperate for our government to respect our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Jorgensen offers everyone that chance. We can win this November, and together, we can take back our nation from those who have been deceiving us into submission for generations.

Tony Moen

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin