Letter to the Editor: The Elephant in the Room

As the election approaches, the Pulse has been publishing passionate letters to the editor in favor of different candidates, parties and policy positions. The beauty of our American system is that we can all enthusiastically debate these issues because of the First Amendment. 

But before we decide whom we want to vote for, we must not overlook the elephant in the room: Donald Trump’s claim that the last presidential election was rigged. This may be the most divisive and democracy-damaging assertion ever uttered by an American president because there is not a shred of credible evidence behind it.

Fifty out of 50 states certified the 2020 election results. Sixty-three out of 64 lawsuits claiming voter fraud were dismissed by our courts or withdrawn. Numerous post-election recounts and audits found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Trump’s attorney general, acting attorney general, FBI director, director of cybersecurity and infrastructure security, and chair of the Election Assistance Commission – all nominated by Trump – have stated there was no widespread voter fraud in 2020. And to date, not a single person has been charged with offenses related to widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. 

This claim of a rigged election has divided our nation, reduced confidence in the American election system, fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection and most importantly, was the basis for the ex-president’s attempt to remain in power after he lost the election. Yet, after all the damage caused by this fraudulent claim, Donald Trump is still the leader of the GOP. And a majority of Republican candidates running for Congress and key statewide offices this year deny or question the 2020 presidential results.

So before you decide on the candidates you want to vote for in 2022, first take a very hard look at the elephant in the room. Ask yourself where a party led by Donald Trump, who tried to overturn the fair election he lost, will take this nation? If history is a prologue to the future, the answer is, to a place where your vote may not be counted.

Rick Nelson

Juddville, Wisconsin