Letter to the Editor: The Great America Fantasy

Signe Onsrud wrote a very polite letter published May 3rd in the Peninsula Pulse, letter entitled Make America Great Again. This is a Trump fantasy – let’s look at a few facts.

The economy appears to be great and to be gaining momentum. Trumps budget for 2019-20 is $4.746 Trillion. The government’s own forecast for revenue for the period is $3.645 Trillion, a deficit of $1.1 Trillion or 30.3%. if ANY President were to throw a $1.1 Trillion deficit at the economy every year, he/she could create a Great Fantasy Economy too!

We all know that Trump is reckless with this truth, and that his vocabulary is profane. How could anyone consider this conduct Great as a role model for America’s citizens and youth? How would you react if America’s ambassadors around the world were in the news grabbing women by their XXX, lying over and over, and using profanity as his basic vocabulary? Would you consider those ambassadors to be making America Great in the eyes of the citizens and leaders of those countries? Is Trump perceived any differently in the eyes of the world? I doubt it.

How large was the decrease in your income taxes last year? Great? Enough to justify a $1.1 Trillion deficit? Are you saving it for the day that the bill comes due?

Trump rants and rave’s about “chain immigration”, i..e immigrants bringing in their relatives, it is in his words just terrible. Trump brought in his wife’s immigrants parents who are now US citizens. Is this consistent with a Great Leader and a Great America. Just what does his word mean?

Deficits, massive deficits, come with great recessions and depressions. I have never heard of any economist or any financial leader suggesting that deficits are appropriate, let alone massive deficits, are appropriate in good economy.

Trump’s “Fantasy Economy” will burst and we will all, Republicans and Democrats and Independents and Libertarians, pay a terrible price.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin