Letter to the Editor: The Importance of Eagle Tower

There has been much written and various hearings held to come up with a viable plan to save Eagle Tower in its present form. The discussions have centered on the many thousands of tourists coming to Door County annually, with Eagle Tower being the most visited site. The other focus has been the huge economic impact, more than $10 million annually, that visitors coming to Peninsula State Park add to the local economy. However, I think the two most important reasons to save Eagle Tower are its educational value and its historic significance to Door County.

Eagle Tower stands on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, one of the most significant geologic formations in the country stretching from Waukesha County to Niagara Falls. Standing atop this 75-foot tower 200 feet above Green Bay, one can see this amazing formation as it stretches up our shoreline. There is no better view of the escarpment anywhere in Door County. There is no better place to see the islands, bays and inland forests that define Door County than from atop Eagle Tower. How many generations of eager climbers have seen this same view over the years?

The historical significance of Eagle Tower should also not be overlooked. Timber was the economic driver in the development of Door County. It is what brought our many pioneering families to this area. Fire towers played a very important roll in protecting this valuable resource. Not many towers still exist where children and parents can climb up to experience this incredible panoramic vista and recount our early history.

I hope supporters of the preservation of Eagle Tower will continue to contact local and state representatives and the Wisconsin DNR to express their views.


Gail Anderson

Fish Creek, Wis.

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