Letter to the Editor: The Mess in Sturgeon Bay

Look at the mess the Sturgeon Bay City Council is creating. Now, we have that ugly, smelly piece of garbage also known as the “Granary” back on the west side. One councilman, Mr. Wiederanders, wants marijuana legalized. Miss Catarozoli melted down at the meeting and told the people commenting that anyone that didn’t support her view on the granary was stuck in the ’90s. Three councilwomen could have been charged for walking out on city meetings, thereby paralyzing the city, then publishing their view publicly. They were only issued a warning thanks to a lenient DA.

I have suggested that the granary be put to referendum and let the people decide. I saw one poll on a radio station that ran two or three to one in favor of not moving it to the west side. It was immediately pulled from the site never to be seen again. Every time someone suggests putting it to referendum, everyone shuts up or says no. One would think that if we can decide to legalize marijuana, we can decide where to put the Granary. These council persons are like a bunch of children; it has to be  their way or no way at all. Reminds me of the Pelosi contingent in the federal government today. No negotiation.

It’s my understanding that if that monstrosity is moved back to the west side, it’s appearance can’t be changed or it will lose historic designation. It also can’t generate a profit if it put back where it was on the original site. The city therefore once again loses out on an income generation property. What a mess. A bunch of childish people supporting their own special interests and jamming a building down our throats that nobody wants. Maybe they will get the building moved and open up a marijuana smoking lounge in it so they can all meet and discuss their ludicrous ideas.

Ken Macdonald

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.