Letter to the Editor: The Mislabeled Programs Hatched by Democrats

It had to have been a Democrat who labeled it “daylight saving time.” Millions wake up in the morning to learn that turning the clock ahead actually saved them an hour that otherwise would be lost. As long as this was established by Democrats, it has been confirmed by Adam Schiff.

Democrats called it the Affordable Care Act, and it certainly lived up to its name, also known as Obamacare. It was affordable just as they said, but premiums went sharply higher; you could not keep your doctor; and you paid a fine (tax) if you didn’t buy insurance that cost more than before. Schiff verified every word. Nancy Pelosi thought she would vote for it and read it later.

Lately, Democrats were frequently using the phrase “no evidence of widespread fraud,” which they coined as the November elections wound down. Translated by people who didn’t vote for President Biden, this meant there was fraud, stealing, crooked stuff and other voting irregularities, but the evidence showed this was not widespread, so it was OK. Schiff agreed.

The new term is COVID Relief Bill, and it surpasses all the other titles that Democrats have hatched when they are driving the bus. There is COVID money for Amtrak and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Megabucks for unions and causes that hardly anyone recognizes. 

Best of all, mega, mega COVID bucks for cities that have Democratic mayors and owe a lot of pension money that they should have, but never did set aside. Cities like Chicago and, yes, San Francisco! One of the most prosperous city areas in the world, booming, high-tech San Francisco is getting COVID relief money to pay its bills. Adam Schiff is looking into this bailout and will report his findings directly to Madame Pelosi, who thinks the Russians may be responsible.

Jerome J. Gallagher

Green Bay, Wisconsin