Letter to the Editor: The Republican Three-Ring Circus

President George W. Bush got us into a war in Iraq that was never funded in the federal budget. He ended his eight-year term with the national economy on the brink of depression. Then after president Obama was elected, GOP Senator Mitch McConnell said his main goal was to make President Obama a one-term president. McConnell, as Senate Majority leader, pulls down a salary of $193,000 for obstructing our government. We taxpayers are funding this!

Then the Republicans decided that the national debt was caused by the new administration and proceeded to cut spending and even shut down the government to try to advance their ideas. Ted Cruz was one of the main instigators of that disastrous move.

Now the Republican Party is falling apart because they want big government out of the way, but have no proposals of how to do it. Instead the election season in the GOP has turned into a three-ring- circus, or like watching young children fighting in the school yard.

When we watch and listen to the Democratic candidates they are at least addressing the important issues and are acting in a civil manner; not so for the GOP. How can anyone vote for one of these desperate Republican candidates when they can’t even conduct a civil campaign?


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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